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A New Book On Northamptonshire



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Dr Peter Hill came to Helmdon WEA some years ago to talk on ‘The Green Man’,  which subject fascinated his audience.

His latest book is A History of Death & Burial in Northamptonshire, published by The Amberley Press at £13.49.

'In common with the rest of Britain's counties, Northamptonshire has a rich heritage of social history in its churches and churchyards. Dr Peter Hill's research into burial sites can seem somewhat morbid upon first glance, but he discovers a wealth of intriguing information about the lives, customs and genealogy of our ancestors much of it previously unexplored. Dr Hill also attempts to fill the gaps discernible in previous studies. Headstones, tombs, memorials, obituaries and church furnishings (with their inscriptions, dates, names, occupations and motifs) are like a book that, when opened, reveals a cornucopia of secrets, superstitions, poetry, images, tragedies and even humour. A History of Death and Burial in Northamptonshire is not so much about death, but rather life itself its hopes, joys and tribulations. This is a rare opportunity to journey into the past and into its many afterlives and find out how Northamptonshire society dealt with the pain of its losses.'

Among his many previously published books are Folklore In Northamptonshire, Secret Northamptonshire and A History of Hostelries in Northamptonshire.





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