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Your Help Wanted

To Keep

The War Memorial Garden

Looking Cared-For


During the summer months of 2008 the War Memorial flower beds were neglected, and their uncared-for appearance did not enhance our village scene.

A group of stalwart volunteers helped me to weed and replant the beds ready for the November Remembrance Day service, and to generally clean the Memorial area.


Their help was greatly appreciated, as was the donation of compost by Blackpits Composting.


The Parish Council would like to ensure that the flower beds are well maintained in the future.

The PC has provided some funds for new perennial plants, and for plant food to improve the soil.  The grass is kept mown under contract by the Parish Council.

I am calling for 8 volunteers who will each take one month from March to October, to give an hour or so during their chosen month to keep the beds weeded, the plants pruned if necessary, and the soil forked over.  If this is done regularly the task will be a light one.


Anyone who is willing to give an hour of their time once a year please contact me.  If you have a preferred month, please let me know that too.  Green fingers are not a necessary attribute for this.

John Thorne

(01295) 760565







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