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                  HOUSING NEEDS SURVEY


South Northamptonshire Council in conjunction

with the Parish Council are soon carrying out a

Housing Needs Survey for the village


A Housing Needs Survey asks residents about their views on affordable housing. It finds out whether there are residents in

“housing need”. If there are we can work with the Parish

Council to develop a small scheme of affordable housing.


Affordable housing is either social rent, at rents below

market values, or shared ownership (part buy-part rent).

When affordable housing is developed in rural villages, it is

only open to people in housing need who have local connections, and it remains affordable for future generations

of villagers.


A Housing Needs Survey is the chance for you to have your say about affordable housing

Even if you are not in housing need

yourself, you may know of people who are.  It is getting more

and more difficult for people to be able to buy  properties in

the villages which they grew up in.


Please look out for your Housing Needs Survey which will be

delivered with your Parish Council newsletter during October.




home > parish council > village notice board > housing needs survey
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