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A Clever Way Of Protecting Your Property 


The local Police have told us of a clever new way to protect your property.  The product is called ‘SmartWater’.  The bottle of SmartWater you buy is unique to your household and is registered with the local Police.  You paint a small amount of this liquid on to anything you cherish (household items, garden equipment etc.); when it dries you can’t see it.  If, however, a thief steals that item then (a) it will end up on their hands if they aren’t using gloves and (b) a quick test of the stolen item at the Police Station will identify it as belonging to you.  The thief, if caught, will also undergo the same test and if the product is on his hands and the stolen object, the Police will feel safe to go ahead with a prosecution.  SmartWater as a means of identifying stolen objects and thieves is accepted in the Courts nowadays.
SmartWater is very expensive to buy direct from the manufacturer.  If, however,  this is done through the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, then we receive a very big discount.  The liquid would cost only £18.33 to buy including post, packaging and VAT (as opposed to £60 with a yearly charge if bought from the manufacturer).
If you would like to buy some SmartWater, or would like to know more about it,  then please call Caroline King,  on 01295 768695 e-mail philipking@dsl.pipex.com, who already has a list of Garden Club members interested in buying this product,  and who is helping me co-ordinate idea this throughout the village. 
Ray Crouch
Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinator



home > parish council > village notice board > a clever way of protecting your porperty
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