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Recycling News


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Extra Green Bins Available   - (posted)  12 May 2017

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2017 SNC Recycling Poster   - (posted)  6 March 2017

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Recycling Christmas Trees  - (posted)  9 January 2017

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Recycling Christmas Cards  - (posted)  07 January 2017

Clearing out Christmas decorations? Don't forget to recycle your Christmas cards. You can do this in your blue bin but better still take them to M&S and they will donate to the Woodland Trust -https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/…/corpo…/marks-and-spencer/

Or you can take them to Sainsbury's who are supporting the Forest Stewardship Council. Larger Sainsbury's stores will also recycle broken Christmas lights.

Phillip Ward

Bins Over Christmas 2016  - (posted)  05 December 2016

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Bins Over Easter  - (posted)  25 March 2016


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Bin Change Over The Christmas Holidays  - (posted) 11 December 2015

Residents are advised to make note of changes to South Northamptonshire Council’s bin collections over the festive period.


Collections on Christmas Day will be brought forward to Monday, 21 December.  Collections   due on New Year’s Day will be brought forward to Monday, December 28.  All green garden waste bins will be suspended for two weeks, over the public holidays  However, in the New Year, residents can put their real Christmas trees out for collection next to the green bin.  Make sure they have no decorations on, and are cut in half if bigger than the bin.


Food Caddy Recycling Bin Prize Draw  - (posted) 03 December 2015

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Christmas Bin Collections  - (posted) 01 December 2015 

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Blue Bin Sale  - (posted) 26 November 2015 

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Food Caddy Recycling Prize Draw - (posted) 24 November 2015 

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Please Recycle More Food Waste - (posted) 04 October 2015 

Over the next few weeks householders in South Northamptonshire will have yellow stickers placed on their black bins to remind them to recycle their food waste.

Last year, South Northamptonshire Council collected around 15,000 tonnes of household waste, of which over 4,400 tonnes was unwanted and uneaten food.

Unfortunately only less than half of the food waste is placed in the silver food recycling bins, and the remaining 2,200 tonnes is placed in the black bin and ends up going to expensive landfill.

By using the weekly food waste collection service householders are not just saving money, they are also helping the environment.

When food waste is buried in landfill it creates methane gas, a greenhouse gas 21 times more harmful to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide and a leading contributor to climate change.

Recycled food waste is turned into electricity and a soil fertiliser to help grow more food.

Councillor Dermot Bambridge, SNC’s portfolio holder for environmental services said: “We are doing well on food recycling, but we are asking householders to do more.

"This is not just for the environment but also to save money and helps us make the best use of their council tax.

“Our recycling officers are seeing whole loaves and joints of meat in the black bin. Not only is this wasteful, throwing away edible food places an unnecessary burden on the system."

Food waste collections are weekly, whereas the black bin is emptied every fortnight.By putting food in the silver food bin, the black bin will be kept cleaner and will produce fewer odours.

The sticker campaign will target areas where the least amount of food waste is recycled and stickers will be placed on every bin with in those areas.

For more information the SNC waste and recycling system visit -
http://www.southnorthants.gov.uk/foodwaste ttp://www.southnorthants.gov.uk/foodwaste or call 01327 322344


Recycle Week Starts 22 June - (posted) 21 June 2015 


Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:hv:v9vzg6ys7nz3wk0czl0b3lyw0000gn:T:com.skitch.skitch:DMD5BD88CF3-BB17-424D-B6E7-A94252DC36C3:Recycle_Week_2015_Supporters_Badge_-_WRAP_Resource_Library.jpgThe annual Recycle Week starts on Monday.  Although recycling is now well established, recycling levels have stopped increasing, even though there is a lot of recyclable material still being sent to landfill or to be burnt.


One reason is thought to be that while people now recycle most of the products that they use in their kitchen, they are less likely to think about things from the other parts of the house, especially the bathroom, which is full of recyclable plastic bottles and aerosols. So when you are putting out your blue bin this week have a good look to see if there is anything from the other parts of your house or garden which could be added to the collection.


To remind yourself what you can put in (or on) your blue bin have a look at the recycling list by clicking on this link.


Phillip Ward


Kerbside Collections Of Electrical Items Start This Month - (posted)14 March 2015



Councillor Andrew Grant showing items

which can be recycled


As the number of electrical products we throw away continues to rise, South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) is about to make it easier for residents to recycle them. Starting Monday, 16 March unwanted electrical items will be collected from the kerbside alongside the rest of their recycling.  Any small household electrical item is suitable, as long as it fits into a carrier bag. To get residents started a one-off plastic bag will be delivered alongside the spring edition of SNC Review which is delivered to every home. Afterwards, residents can use any standard carrier bag for future electrical items.   All residents have to do is put their broken, old or unwanted electrical items in a bag and place it on top of their blue bin lid on recycling week. The items will be collected by the regular collection crew and placed in separate containers on the side of the vehicles.

The electrical items will be taken to a special facility where they will be safely dismantled and recycled.

Councillor Andrew Grant, deputy leader and portfolio holder for environment said: “We are all enjoying the benefits of modern technology, but what kind of legacy are we leaving for future generations?  “Electrical items contain precious metals like gold and silver as well as heavy metals and other toxins. “So not only is it a senseless waste of valuable resources, but this service will also stop harmful substances getting in to the soil.  “Residents have enthusiastically taken advantage of their ability to recycle a wide range of materials in this district and we now offer them an alternative to burying an expensive problem in the ground.”

Residents are also reminded they can recycle household batteries by putting them in a small plastic bag (sandwich bags are ideal) and placing it on top of the blue bin lid during recycling week.

If you have any large electrical items these can be collected on our separate bulky waste collection service. This costs £30 per collection and can be booked by calling 01327 322344.  Alternatively you can take them to a household waste recycling centre, visit www.northamptonshire.gov.uk to find your nearest one.

During the week commencing Monday, 23 March, SNC Recycling Officers will be promoting the service at Waitrose in Brackley and Towcester and at Budgens in Grange Park.

The facts about waste electricals…

  • Electrical goods are the fastest growing waste stream in the UK, growing by 5%  each year
  • In the UK the amount of electrical waste we create in one year would fill the new Wembley Stadium six times (source: recycle-more.co.uk)
  • Each year in the UK we go through over 1.2 million tonnes of electrical waste. That is the equivalent of 150 thousand double decker buses (source: recycle-more.co.uk)
  • 75% of waste electricals end up in landfill sites
  • A UK citizen will create 3.3 tonnes of waste electricals in their lifetime (weeeman.org)
  • Two million TV sets are discarded every year - most end up in landfill sites (Recycle Now)
  • "Over six million electrical items are thrown away every year in the UK. It is estimated that over half of them are still working or could easily be repaired." (ITDG, 2003)
  • 15 million mobile phones are upgraded in the UK each year, laid from end-to-end they would reach from John O'Groats to Lands End (www.sciencemuseum.org.uk)

Facts taken from http://www.recycle-more.co.uk/images/static/pdf/rm_factsheet092.pdf

School Poster Competition - (posted) 13 February 2015

The winning design, by Barney Ballantine
In 2014 Helmdon Parish Council and Helmdon Primary School decided to work together to promote good citizenship. The result was a competition for the school children to design a poster encouraging Helmdon residents to recycle more.

The children busied themselves after Christmas and almost everyone submitted an entry. It was extremely difficult to judge!

Parish councillors Sarah Adhemar and Danny Moody, who act as the liaison councillors between the council and school, short listed the entries and presented them to the parish council at its meeting in January 2015. The council voted for a winner from Key Stage 1 and a winner from Key Stage 2 and then chose from them an overall winner.

The winning design (pictured right) was by Barney Ballantine, who receives the inaugural Helmdon Young Citizen Award as well as a £5 Amazon gift voucher.

The Key Stage 1 winner was Rhys Luscombe, who won a £5 Amazon voucher.

Nyah Thorne, Ella Turner, Evan Rayner, Rosie Gee and Louis Pearson were all highly commended for their entries and you can see their posters below. All the children made a really great effort and a lot of hard work went into creating the posters.

Barney's winning design will be made into posters and flyers, which will be delivered to every house in the village. It is hoped his bright design will be eye-catching and will remind residents that it is important to recycle as much waste as possible. You can also download the poster here.

If you would like to find out more about recycling, what you can and can't recycle, and what recycling goes in which bin, please visit the South Northants Council Recycling Pages.

So come on Helmdon - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

The Key Stage 1 winner - Rhys Luscombe

Poster by Nyah Thorne

Poster by Ella Turner

Poster by Rosie Gee

Poster by Evan Rayner

Poster by Louis Pearson

Christmas Waste Collections 2014 - (posted) 14 December 2014

As Boxing Day falls on a Friday this year there is a slight change to the collection schedule.

The collection on Friday 19 December 2014 is as normal, i.e. black bin and food waste caddy.

The collection that would normally have happened on Friday 26 December 2014 will now happen on Saturday 27 December 2015 and is blue bin and food waste caddy (i.e. no green bin collection on this day).

Thereafter the schedule is back to normal. To see all the dates for 2015 please download the SNC Waste Collection Calendar. Helmdon is in the West (purple) collection round.

Please note that whatever the day and whatever the bins being collected, your bins should be out by 7:00 a.m.
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