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Helmdon Parish Plan

To Helmdon's Future
The Parish Plan - a footpath to Helmdon's Future. 
The Helmdon Parish Plan (HPPI) was first published in 2004 and a refresh was carried out in 2011 (HPPII). The Plan provided, and continues to provide a footpath to Helmdon's future.

Many action points in the orignal Action Plan have been achieved and Helmdon is an even stronger and more vibrant community as a result.

But much has changed in the last few years and the village faces new challenges and pressures that didn't exisit when the first Parish Plan was drawn up. Soon it will be time for HPPIII!

To keep up with all the news and information please visit the latest news page of the Parish plan section.

The purpose of a Parish Plan is to "... set out a vision of what is important, how new development can best be fitted in, the design and quality standards it should meet, how to preserve local features and to map out the facilities which the community needs to safeguard for the future." Plans should "identify key facilities and services, set out the problems that need to be tackled and demonstrate how distinctive character and features can be preserved."
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