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Scheme that's Good for Everyone

All the compost received at BF Humphrey and Sons is used on their farms in Helmdon and in Buckinghamshire.

Once the scheme is fully up and running the farm will be able to process between 5,000 and 10,000 tonnes of compost each year.

This is dependent on the quality of the compost they receive from residents' brown bins.

Mervyn Humphrey said: "It is important that residents really get behind this scheme. Above all we need waste that has been sorted properly and does not contain any plastic."

Although Cherwell District Council pays the company a small fee to handle the compost this is less than the authority would stand to pay on landfill tax if a recycling scheme were not in place.

Calculations show that in ten years time, if the council had not introduced a recycling scheme, it would take the whole of the current council tax bill just to cover the increase in landfill tax.

Geoff Melotti, environment services manager at the council, said: "The cost of composting is cheaper than landfill and we are putting nutrients back into the soil, so it is good for everybody."

The Banbury Guardian - 23rd October 2003

home > press cuttings > scheme that's good for everyone
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