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Bid to get People on Broadband

By Richard Howarth

A new set of targets for getting broadband in rural areas of the county has been revealed this week.

BT has announced targets for 21 exchanges.

A number of villages have already rallied enough demand to get high speed internet access and now others know the level of support they need.

BT's aim is to have the technology in place where it is wanted by 2005.

It says it will upgrade every exchange where there is sufficient demand but said it would look for "public sector support to stimulate awareness and demand".

Mike McLoughlin, BT's East Midlands regional director, said: "Just about everybody in Northamptonshire can be connected to a broadband-enabled BT exchange. If they can demonstrate that the demand is there BT will invest."

The targets are: Yardley Hastings 100, Winwick 150, Clopton 100, Croughton 200, Cranford 100, Kingscliffe 200, Preston Capes 100, Welford 200, Maidwell 100, Guilsborough 200, Creaton 100, Blakelsey 200, Clipston 100, Sulgrave 250, Paulersbury 150, Cogenhoe 400, West Haddon 150, Kislingbury 500 and Syresham 150.

BT says there are no triggers for four small exchanges - Dingley, Benefield, Bulwick and Cotterstock - and a different approach will be needed to get broadband to them if there is demand.

The Brackley Post - 21st November 2003

home > press cuttings > bid to get people on broadband
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