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All Systems Go

Children from Acorns Pre-school in Helmdon have been making the most of this week's mild weather to push ahead with their own school allotment.

Members of the pre-school started work on the allotment last year and the children have certainly enjoyed having the chance to literally get their hands dirty while playing a big part in the garden.

Despite the dreary winter weather, youngsters and their parents have found time to visit the budding garden with shovels and hoes to get the bulbs planted in time for Spring.

Now the children are excitedly waiting for the first splashes of colour to appear. Eleanor Shepherd, a member of the Acorns committee, said: "The parents have been up and dug it up and some of the bulbs have been planted up there.

"The children were going up there again Thursday morning."

The pre-school is also hoping to make the work easier for the parents who have volunteered to help out by keeping their own supply of gardening equipment nearby.

Mrs Shepherd added: "We have just applied for a grant to get some more equipment and we should hear about that in a couple of weeks.

"Mainly what people have been doing is taking their own stuff up but it would be good to have our own up there.

The Brackley Post - 13th February 2004

home > press cuttings > all systems go
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