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Prospective burglars should avoid breaking in to the Bell at Helmdon.  Reason: the licensee, Mr A.G. Brook- house is a collector of old guns – and he is a good shot, too.


Hanging round his walls are over a dozen old rifles and pistols probably used in the days of Queen Elizabeth I … the American cavalry sword used in the Civil Wars … a flintlock pistol, the type favoured  by highwaymen … and there are other long-stemmed rifles used in Moroccan and North-West Frontier battles.


African War Club


Also on view are Mexican wooded stirrups; an 1850 Guinness bottle, a witch-doctor’s stick, an African war club, a rhinoceros hide whip and many other interesting treasures.


In fact the Bell is a public-house and museum in one, Helmdon villagers enjoy browsing through Mr Brookhouse's treasures …


And they confess that the surroundings are far more congenial than a museum!


Mr Brookhouse has been at Helmdon for about three months.  How does he find village life after Birmingham? – “Very pleasant.  But the water here – it’s awful;  I can’t touch it.  Now in Birmingham …”


Mercury & Herald  - June 4th 1954
home > press cuttings > public house and museum in one
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