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NB Extracted from a longer article on experiences of residents in Helmdon and other villages.

The Day The Floods Came

In Helmdon, Denise Green of Station Road got a nasty shock on Friday when she returned from work to find three feet of floodwater in the house. The carpets and flooring in Miss Green's house were ruined, although helpful neighbours had saved some of her furniture.

Miss Green said: "I was right in the middle of it in Helmdon. It was quite strange seeing water running from your kitchen into your front room.

"People around here have been fantastic. I came back from work and neighbours were already helping move my furniture into a higher room and filling sandbags".

She added people who had lived in the village all their lives could not remember flooding this bad before.

Pupils from Helmdon Primary School had their last day of the summer term cut short when the building had to be closed after floodwater a metre deep came gushing in.

The village's Reading Rooms were opened up to house evacuees.

The Brackley & Towcester Advertiser - July 27th 2007

home > press cuttings > the day the floods came
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