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Campaigners opposed to wind farm will demonstrate height of turbines in village

Is Green Energy Promise

Hot Air?

                                 by Gavin Moore 

The possible height of a wind farm will be illustrated when members of an action group raise a blimp over Helmdon on Sunday.

At 11am members of the Helmdon, Stutchbury and Greatworth Wind Action Group (HSGWAG) will raise a tethered balloon 125 metres (410ft) above Grange Farm just off the B4525.

Keith Jones, a semi-retired management consultant and chairman of the HSGWAG said people are being forced to oppose wind farm proposals because of Government incentives and that wind afarms are not the answer to green energy production.

He added: “These things are unjustified. They say they are the greener option and that they secure the future of energy sources for the UK. The trouble is neither is true.”

Mr Jones said on shore wind farms can not produce electricity 24 hours a day and coal and nuclear power stations will always have to exist to plug the gap. He also said wind turbines are inefficient and would make a small impact on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Mr Jones added: “To say we are not green or are being reactionary is wrong. The idea that wind farms could be our saviour is a fundamental mistake.”

The action group was formed after a planning application was submitted by Broadview for a 60m high temporary test mast at Spring Ridge Farm. Since then the group has been building awareness of the proposals.

Mr Jones added: “One of the things we keep finding is measurements are hard for people to imagine and we are trying to find a way to describe it without saying it’s as tall as the London Eye or two and a half times the height of Nelson’s Column. Those facts are interesting but they don’t let everyone grasp how tall these things are. So we are going to try it with this blimp and show people what 125m looks like.”

Broadview have said they intend to be open with local people and have already hosted a drop in session to inform them about the need for on shore wind farms and the benefits they can bring to th area. They also intend to arrange for local people to visit an operating wind farm.

Jeffrey Corrigan, Broadview’s managing director said: “We are at a very early stage in the process but our initial asessments suggest that Spring Farm Ridge could be a very good site for a small wind farm. However we can’t be 100% sure until we have carried out very detailed work to confirm our initial views.

Brackley and Towcester Advertiser9 April 2010


home > press cuttings > is green energy promise hot air

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