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By Tom Burton

Election candidates are on the campaign trail but for £25,000 they could soon parade through towns on Margaret Thatcher’s bombproof battle bus.

The 18-tonne, armoured coach was used by the Iron Lady as she dodged danger in Northern Ireland during her 1983 election campaign.

Although this year’s candidates may be travelling through safer surroundings, it two-inch thick bulletproof glass and blast-proof honeycomb floor was enough to keep Thatcher safe.

The bus, which seats 36 people and is powered by a 12 litre Rolls Royce engine, is being sold by military vehicle specialist Nick Mead from Helmdon.

“It is a unique piece of literary and social history,” he said.  “It is still in working order, and, although it’s not exactly looking its best these days, someone who wanted to would be able to restore it to a good standard pretty easily.”

“Mr Mead, who runs events firm TanksAlot, has amassed a fleet of more than 95 tanks over 20 years but the battle bus is one of his most treasured vehicles – despite its appearance.

He said: “I bought it in 2012 because it was a fascinating vehicle but it’s big, ugly and it’s in the way now so I’m keen to send it to a good home.

“Given the American fascination with Maggie Thatcher, it may sell well over there but I’d prefer for it to stay in the UK.

“We even found a ladies’ umbrella on board – whether it’s |Margaret Thatcher’s or not I don’t know but we like to think it might be.”

The bus, which has 14,000 miles on the clock, is being advertised using CitNOW Trade and bidding starts at £25,000.

The Brackley & Towcester Advertiser – 10 April 2015








home > press cuttings > for sale: battlebus

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