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County Council To Help Improve Rural Internet Connections

£4.08 Million To Get Villages Up To Speed

by Gavin Moore

Thousands of home owners and businesses in Brackley are set to benefit from superfast Internet  speeds at the same time as the county council secures £4.08 million funding to boost rural connections.

Last week Northants County Council announced it had been successful in its bid for Government funding to help rural communities up to speed.

Internet service providers like BT can make a profit from a large customer base when they install super fast fibre optic broadband to towns and cities.

The funding will allow rural communities to bridge the financial gap to double their internet connection speeds.

At the same time it has emerged that BT plan to roll out services in Brackley in the spring which could give customers download speeds of up to 100Mbps.  Currently the county’s average speed is 6Mbps.

Michael Hurst of  Brackley computer repair firm Mousemate said he had customers in Farthinghoe who paid for top speed connections but  only got 1Mbps, and customers in Evenley who were lucky to get more than 3Mbps.

Mr Hurst added:   "At the  moment it could take a few hours to download a film.  Basically, superfast broadband will allow you to download a film in the same time it currently takes to download a song from iTunes.  It will take minutes if not seconds".

NCC are now looking for a commercial partner to help bring the super fast service to villages and are encouranging communities to demonstrate the need.

Helmdon Parish Council has set up the Fast internet Service for Helmdon  (FiSH) group to improve on their 1Mbps.

Councillor Danny Mooday said: “The tecnology is the easy bit.

“At the end of the day it will come down to simple economics.  Are there enough residents prepared to sign up to a contract with a service provider so that it makes financial sense to invest in the infrastructure?”

The Brackley Advertiser – 30 December, 2011

home > press cuttings > county council to help improve rural internet connections
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