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Tove Valley
Baptist Fellowship
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The old Baptist Chapel in Helmdon.
The old Baptist Chapel
in Helmdon.


Helmdon Cell

Baptists used the chapel at Helmdon from 1842 until January 2004, when it was closed for structural reasons. The chapel is due to be demolished and be replaced by houses similar to others recently built along the Wappenham road. 

Helmdon's Baptists now worship in the restored chapel at Weston which is    part  of   the Tove

Weston Baptist Chapel The restored Weston Baptist Chapel 


Valley Baptist Fellowship. Services are held there on Sundays and alternate Tuesday afternoons, and prayer meetings are held on Monday evenings. Although the chapel is closed at Helmdon an adult Baptist Cell meets weekly in the village on Monday mornings in a private house and a girls' Cell meets on Friday evenings. These Cells are open to anyone from Helmdon and surrounding villages. 

Tiny Tots, the active 'mums and tots' group that formerly met in the schoolroom of the Helmdon chapel, now meets at the Community Project that uses the Weston chapel's comfortable facilities. Helmdon residents are involved in running the Art Club, Wine Club, and other activities at the Weston Community Project (website). In addition, Helmdon and Weston residents intermingle in Weston WEA afternoon and Helmdon WEA evening courses, according to their preference for the time and the subject of the course.

The Project is an independent charity that exists to serve people living in all the villages of the area.

For more information about Helmdon Baptists and the Tove Valley Baptist Fellow-ship, please contact Rosemary Gulliver on 01295 760720 or
Val Gilsenan 01295 711321


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