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Tuesday Lunch Club


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Monthly Tuesday Lunches In The Reading Room

  • on the third Tuesday of every month
  • for £5.00
  • with choice (normally) of two main courses and two sweets


The menu is put up in the Reading Room on the notice-board opposite the door.  Sign there for your choices of main dish and sweet.  The list is taken down on the Tuesday prior to the following week's lunch date.

luncheon club members November 2011

                                      Tuesday Lunches


It is open to all whether they come frequently or only to meet us sometimes.  Seize your chance to see the list whenever the Reading Room is open for Post Office business or when you’re attending something else that is happening there.


We provide these lunches for the pleasure and health of elderly people, but there’s no minimum age.  The lunch is a good place and time to meet old friends or make new ones, and to laugh together.  Come in any time from 12.30 pm; we serve at 1pm (more or less).

Please get in touch with one of us to ask questions, make complaints, raise difficulties of diet or transport, or offer help – or, if you can’t get at the list, do  phone or e-mail Judith to book your meal.


Angela Goodall (leader) (01295) 760138 e-mail

Judith Elkington (for reservations and cancellations) (01295) 760438 e-mail




home > village groups > tuesday lunch club

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