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1st Helmdon Rainbows



Rainbows have fun! They take part in indoor and outdoor activities as part of their programme called the Rainbow jigsaw.

The Rainbow Jigsaw is the name for the renewed Rainbow programme, which has been developed for the 21st century Rainbow and is comprised of four areas:

• Rainbows Look.
• Rainbows Learn.
• Rainbows Laugh.
• Rainbows Love.

Their meetings are full of games and activities, which provide challenging opportunities for Rainbows to think for themselves and take an active part in unit decision making. Everything a Rainbow does helps her to develop.

As a Rainbow your daughter is a member of Girlguiding UK, the largest voluntary organisation for girls and young women in this country. It has about 600,000 members.

Any girl aged five or over can be a Rainbow and when they reach seven they are eligible for Brownies.

Rainbows make this simple promise that they share with members around the world;

"I promise that I will do my best to think about my beliefs and to be kind and helpful."

We currently have some spaces, so please contact the Unit Guider, Eleanor Shepherd or Rachel Wheeler, if you would like your daughter to join, or you think your daughter would benefit in the future.

We meet every Monday in term time in the Reading Room

home > village groups > 1st helmdon rainbows
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